Gartoon guarentee 100% fulfillment for clients. If there should be an occurrence of any copy charge because of preparing blunder, not ready to finish your task request according to the delivery arrangement, your total venture request sum will be refunded.

The refund would be handled as:

  • In the event that solicitation for refund is made inside 3 days, you would be qualified for 60% refund.
  • In the event that solicitation for refund is made 5 days, you would be qualified 30%
  • No refund solicitation will be given following 5 days of your underlying venture conveyance, anyway since we have faith in 100% fulfillment for clients, you’re supported to contact us in instance of any inquiry.
  • Refund must be mentioned before 5 amendments.
  • No refund will be given after in excess of 5 modifications or configuration is finished, which at any point start things out.

If you don’t mind contact our correspondence support for refund demands. Gartoon, in view of the infringement of your client understanding claims all authority to favor/oppose your solicitation on an individual case to case.

Step by step instructions to guarantee your refund:

  • To be clear your refund solicitation is affirmed, if you don’t mind ensure you meet these prerequisites:
  • Guarantee your refund indicating your issues by contacting us
  • We will attempt to help you by temperance of our correction arrangement as soon or else will email you a refund demand endorsement from our refund division.
  • After the refund, the rights to utilize the advantages would be gotten by Gartoon and you would not have the option to show any works sent by our organization.

Let us likewise indicate that:

  • Since the rights to utilized the advantages would now be moved back to our organization, you concur that you will have no right (immediate or backhanded) to utilize any benefits.
  • Working in a joint effort with the Government Copyright Agencies. Gartoon would share Copyright Acquisition data for the refunded undertaking that would limit the re-utilization of the structures as unique plans later on.

If you have any questions bout our Refund Policy or Terms of Services, please contact us by clicking here.

Gartoon is engaged with providing very affordable digital production services like Animation, Graphic Design, video production and website development globally since 2014. Our team guarantees a high-quality standard in the work we do. If you are not satisfied with the work, we will provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee. Our customer support is available 24/7 to assist you as well.

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