A customer asked us, “can you create a video ads in 3 days?” We asked back, “do you have an idea what you want yet?” He said, “no.” We replied, “ok, tell us about your products and what you want, then you can go home, and we will send a hand-drawn storyboard to you by Telegram.”  In our message on the Telegram we included the storyboard (pdf), and we mentioned that, “We cannot create video ads in 3 days, but we can create stop motion video ads in only 3 days.”  He asked, “are you sure?” We challenged him to make a contract and to pay us at the day we appointed the meeting. The budget was not very high, but we outsourced partners like an actor, professional cameraman, and the rest of the work is from our designers and animators. “Wow! It looks cool!” our client said at the end.

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